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Empowering your body, mind and soul. We strive to help our members thrive in a family environment where everybody feels a sense of belonging while getting in shape and learning valuable martial arts skills. You can leave all of your stress and anger on the mats, train, improve and ultimately be your best self. When you train with us, you’re training with family.

Sensei Cesar Narita

Meet Sensei Cesar Narita

Morganti Ju-Jitsu Third Degree Black Belt

Sensei Cesar has an extensive background in fitness and martial arts. He has competed worldwide and have won tournaments and fights, both nationally and internationally.  Cesar is extremly passionate about both teaching and the history of Morganti Ju-Jitsu.  Cesar came to Canada in 2004 and with the support of his late younger brother Franklin Narita,  brought Morganti Ju-jitsu to North America.

Cesar holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education from the University of Sao Paulo. With his combined passions of health, wellness and Martial Arts you can expect his classes to be challenging and empowering. 

 West coast CAN-AM Championships 2005:
Gold medal, advanced Pankration
World Championship ISJA 2004 – Brazil:
Gold Medal – Jujitsu Team
Gold Medal – coach Juvenile Jujitsu Team
Awarded as best coach of the tournament
Brazil – South Africa Meeting 2003:
Gold Medal – Jujitsu team
Gold Medal – Individual Jujitsu
World Championship ISJA 2002 – South Africa:
Gold Medal – Jujitsu Team
Gold Medal – Individual Grappling
Bronze Medal – Individual Jujitsu
World Championship ISJA 2000 – UK:
Silver Medal – Grappling Team

Sensei Cesar’s Highlights

Sensei Cesar Narita

Meet Sempai Milton Vallecillo

Morganti Ju-Jitsu Brown Belt

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We challenge our members daily to push themselves in ways they never have before. We believe that pushing your body and your mind help increase strength and endurance long term.